Today’s Winter Outfit: Stay Warm Without Looking Like A Member Of The Night’s Watch


Winter is not coming. Winter is here! So, I brought my winter clothes out and I am now wearing layers over layers to stay warm every time I venture out of home. My everyday winter outfit usually consists of skinny jeans or trousers paired with tank tops, oversized shirts or sweatshirts, and ankle boots. I prefer layering to bulky clothes. Nothing can go wrong with wisely chosen layers; they are warm, stylish, and flatter any body shape.


Edinburgh: the ‘four season in a day’ outfit challenge

When I first came to Edinburgh two years ago, I had never experienced winter. Greek winters are mild. It’s a bit rainy once and then and occasionally the temperature drops below 0°C, but overall, Greece boasts of clear blue skies and sunshine no matter the season. In short, greek winter is basically autumn in disguise.

Edinburgh is another story. It is a beautiful city, a medieval fairy tale, Winterfell in all its freezing glory. Cold and windy, with showers and some rare sunny spells, this is Edinburgh. It is also an amazing place to experience the ‘four seasons in a day’ phenomenon. Scotland is known for its unpredictable weather, which can change from sunshine and snow to wind and floods within hours.

Consequently, creating a functional winter outfit combo here in Edinburgh can be tricky.

Today’s Winter Outfit

winter outfit

Today’s winter outfit consists of 1. a pair of black superstretch trousers (H&M), 2. an off-white tank top (MANGO), 3. a powder pink bat printed sweatshirt (H&M), 4. a pair of canvas platform boots (H&M), 5. a dark grey scarf (ZARA), and 6. the Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones – Rose Gold (Apple).

I lost the battle of ‘saving money’ years ago and November was never meant to be a no-shopping-challenge month. Therefore, I could not resist updating my wardrobe with some winter key pieces and a new pair of boots (or maybe two).

Here is the winter outfit I created with my beat-the-cold garments.

1. black superstrech trousers | H&M (find it here)


I am quite obsessed with skin-tight jeans and coloured superstrech trousers. I want them super skinny. It’s not that I do not like loose cuts; it’s just that boyfriend’s jeans and loose fit trousers do not flatter my mediterranean figure.

These black superstrech trousers by H&M are absolutely amazing. I recently bought them in burgundy as well. They come in several colours, like dark blue and khaki green, both of which are in my wish list.

This pair of pants features a regular waist and a perfect skinny fit. It also retains its shape even after several wears. I particularly like how it fits my body shape like a glove and stays skinny without stretching out or getting baggy.

Another bonus is that the colour did not fade away, although I do wash my trousers and jeans very often. Coloured pants tend to lose their colours in the washing machine, but both my black and burgundy trousers are still vivid and bright.

I admit I am in love with H&M. Every time I look for skinny jeans and trousers with great fit that do not fade away, there is only one destination.

For instance, over the last 3 years (yeap, I said 3), these £7.99 H&M jeans survived hundreds of washes, weight fluctuations and day to night use, while they are still skin-tight and the vivid blue colour has only faded out just a bit at the knees.

In a nutshell, if you are in search of quality pants at great prices, then look no further!

2. off-white tank top | MANGO 


The tank top in the photo above is not available anymore, so I found a similar one by MANGO (find it here), which is also currently on sale. In fact, I took advantage of the 20% discount and I already bought it in black and powder blue. Layers are never enough!

Layering is my style saviour for cold winter days in Edinburgh. The ‘four seasons in a day’ kind of weather I experience here in Scotland does not allow me to go out only with a coat on top of a light blouse; I will end up either freezing or sweating.

Layers keep me warm and cozy without looking like the Lord Commander of Castle Black. I mix and match colours and textures to create effortless day to night outfits.

Since I find sleeves quite uncomfortable for layering, I usually pair my jumper or/and shirt with strappy tops or sleeveless vests.

If you decide to invest in layering garments, make sure you go for quality, breathable fabrics.

3. powder pink bat printed sweatshirt | H&M (find it here)


Ok, this one was an instant crush. I absolutely love the light pink shade and the bat print is edgy and definitely eye-catching.

It is a versatile piece that easily takes me from a casual day look (paired with skinny jeans) to a night out outfit (paired with a mini leather skirt and platform ankle boots).

Bonus: made from 100% quality cotton, it’s breathable and warm.

4. black lace-up canvas platform boots | H&M (find it here)


I fell in love with those lace-up ankle boots right after spotting them in an H&M store. They are super comfortable and lightweight thanks to their the rubber soles.

No matter the outfit, this pair of platform boots instantly upgrades my style.

*Currently trying to defeat the urge to buy them in light beige as well.

5. dark grey scarf | ZARA


This ZARA scarf is big enough to wrap myself on a really cold day without looking bulky. Extra bonus: it dries in a flash and does not need ironing.

Unfortunately, it is not available anymore, but I found this one which is almost identical and comes in a variety of colours.

6. Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones – Rose Gold | Apple (find it here)

You don’t appreciate wireless devices, until you buy one. My Beats Wireless Headphones by Apple follow me to my every day adventures since day #1.

Apple, once again, crafted the coolest cutting-edge tech gadget. In this blog post, I will only comment on its remarkable battery performance (it lasts for up to 40 hours) and its so-hot-right-now rose gold colour.

Love them!


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