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Polished Work Wear Featuring

The Power Bag

A few days ago I wrote about casual office wear. Today, I created a work wear set ideal for a classic business look. Although I love smart casual, I can’t really resist to a polished, powerful outfit. A pair of comfortable platform booties and a dash of some vivid colour boost my confidence enough to rock the day.

Fashion is the skin we choose. This is not just my blog’s description, it’s more of my style philosophy. I like how cool I feel wearing my favourite oversized striped shirt with a red lip. It gives me a sense of authority, which I usually need to fight for.

In short, I am 27 but I barely look 21 (still getting asked for ID) and people tend to think that my young-ish looks represent my experience or my skills. My outfits usually resolve this issue. I am tall, but I always wear heels anyway. And then there are shirts and a bold lipstick. This is how I save the day.

Today’ s work wear is all about stylish loose fit wide leg crop trousers, pussy-bow shirt, comfortable heels and THE power bag. This beautiful red Gucci tote bag is ‘my precious’, meaning I could only wish of affording it. Some daydreaming never hurt anybody though 😉

I love this beauty because it showcases my personality: strictly structured and reserved, yet influential and strong.

Work Wear

Colour palette: black, white, and red. Status: super comfortable. Day to night potential: replace THE bag with a clutch, wear a dramatic lipstick.

Do you have a powerful work wear look? What do you wear when the dress code is polished business?


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