My morning skincare routine for sensitive skin.

morning skincare routine

My morning beauty steps for sensitive skin.

This post it all about my morning skincare routine for blemish-prone and sensitive skin. The products featured here are all under £20 and you can treat yourself to any (or all) of them simply by following the links.

Morning vs Night Beauty Regimen

I battled adult acne for almost 2 years, before putting together a skincare routine that kept blemishes at bay for good.

The beauty routine I follow now is the result of a very long trial and error period. I spent weeks reading reviews, comparing skincare products, and looking for pore-clogging ingredients in sunscreens and moisturising creams.

Many products just did not work for me. I experienced numerous side effects, allergic reactions, aggravated acne, and blemish breakouts and I wasted money and time trying to spot a single sunscreen that would not trigger major flare-ups.

On the bright side, I got to understand my enemy (a.k.a. acne) better and finally managed to find skincare products that really work. With these anti-blemish gems, I controlled my acne issues and I got rid of my foundation, going totally makeup-free.

After forming my beauty SWAT, I put together a different beauty regimen for morning and night:

  • Nights are for anti-spot treatment. I focus on eliminating acne during the night, when skin cells renewal is at its peak. Plus, some acne-fighting ingredients make skin more sensitive to the sun.
  • Mornings are for soothing. Since anti-blemish skincare can dry out the skin, my morning skincare routine is soft and pampering. I use a gentle facial cleanser, a light moisturising cream, and SPF.

My morning skincare routine

Today I round up my morning skincare routine and I break it down into 4 beauty steps. I will be doing a detailed follow-up review for each of the products soon.

4 Morning beauty steps:

1. The Morning Face Cleanser

White Tea Fluid Gel Cleanser | KORRES

Photo credits: Korres Website (photo link)

Active ingredients: oat proteins, white tea extracts, and minerals | £15 for 200ml from Amazon

Since I apply my anti-acne treatment overnight, I need a very gentle cleanser to wash my face the morning after. KORRES White Tea Fluid Gel Cleanser is the most gentle yet effective cleanser out there, delicately cleansing and revitalising the skin without drying it out. It softly removes grime and grease without stripping the skin off its oils.

2. The Eye Cream

Eye Balm for Puffiness & Dark Circles | Frezyderm

Photo credits: Frezyderm Website (photo link)

Active ingredients: bioflavonoids and herbal extracts | £15.50 for 15ml from Frezyderm

I use this parabens free eye balm day and night. It’s a creamy gel that instantly sinks into the under-eye area. It reduces swelling and puffiness, whilst it boosts microcirculation thanks to its bioflavonoids-rich formula.

3. The Morning Moisturiser

Moisturising 24h Cream | Frezyderm

frezyderm_moisturising24h- cream
Photo credits: Frezyderm Website (photo link)

Active ingredients**: imperatacylindrica, cassia angustifolia, and panthenol (elasticity), tripeptides (reduction of photoageing signs), ceramides and cholesterol (reinforcement of skin barrier), antioxidants (protection against air pollution and free radicals) | £16.50 for 50ml from Frezyderm

Frezyderm’s Moisturising 24h Cream is THE holy grail of skin moisturisers to me. I  first came across this product as a sample and I decided to give it a try. Frezyderm claims it keeps skin hydrated for 7 hours. After 3 years of using this skincare gem, I can say it does more than that: my skin is moisturised, with no sign of oil or grease, all day long, from the hottest days in Greece to the coldest Scottish nights. Absolutely love it!

4. The Sunscreens

Idéal Soleil – Mattifying Face Dry Touch SPF 30 | VICHY

Photo Credits: Vichy Website (photo link)

With Vichy Thermal Spa Water | £16.50 for 50ml from Boots

I wear this wide spectrum sunscreen when my face gets more oily. It leaves my skin completely matte and a bit dry, so I only use it when I need something to control the excessive production of sebum. It has not caused me any kind of irritation or breakout so far.

Sun Screen Velvet Face SPF 30 | Frezyderm

Photo credits: Frezyderm Website (photo link)

Award winning innovative sunscreen | £16.99 for 50ml from Frezyderm

Sun Screen Velvet Face by Frezyderm is a sunscreen-primer featuring a velvety texture with matte finish that slides onto the skin smoothly leaving no white traces. It protects against sun-related ageing, it is not comedogenic and helps dark spots fade away faster.

It is available in SPF 50 and there is also a tinted version (here: Sun Screen Colour Velvet Face SPF 50).

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