KORRES White Tea Fluid Gel Face Cleanser


Beauty review: KORRES White Tea Fluid Gel Face Cleanser A good face cleanser is the alpha and the omega of any beauty routine: it cleanses the face of grime, dirt, and makeup, and helps to fight ageing in the long run. The good face cleanser is also vigorous against stubborn cosmetics and sebum yet soft enough not to […]

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My morning skincare routine for sensitive skin.

morning skincare routine

My morning beauty steps for sensitive skin. This post it all about my morning skincare routine for blemish-prone and sensitive skin. The products featured here are all under £20 and you can treat yourself to any (or all) of them simply by following the links. Morning vs Night Beauty Regimen I battled adult acne for almost […]

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Outfit Ideas: Polished Work Wear

work wear

Polished Work Wear Featuring The Power Bag A few days ago I wrote about casual office wear. Today, I created a work wear set ideal for a classic business look. Although I love smart casual, I can’t really resist to a polished, powerful outfit. A pair of comfortable platform booties and a dash of some vivid colour boost […]

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Outfit Ideas: Casual Friday Office Wear

women office wear

Casual Friday I am in love.  I love casual Fridays for their laid-back office wear. However, labelling outfits as ‘casual’ and ‘laid-back’ is rather objective and contextual, therefore fairly blurry. What is casual for company X may be ‘not even think of wearing that’ for company Y. Adding the parameter women’s office wear can only make things more complicated. Women have […]

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