18 Stylish Pieces To Slay Your Day To Night Outfits.

day to night outfits

Day to night outfits with lace, denim, and leather | Nude, black, denim blue, and burgundy red

‘A Hint Of Nude’ is my first ever Polyvore set and I am really excited to be sharing it here! It is like a whole new world to play around and I can’t wait to explore it! The set consists of 18 garments. I already have some of them in my closet and some others are my lust list’s little sins. I love those 18 pieces because they are mostly basic garments and I can mix and match them to create many day to night outfits instantly.

day to night outfits

Plus,the pieces above are just lovely for my ‘layers on top of layers’ philosophy. Edinburgh calls for warm and cosy clothing anyway!

What do you think of my first Polyvore set? Do you have basic garments that can take you from workwear to a night out?


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